Friday, October 1, 2010

Jiggaman Incident: #1

Lady Gaga decided to make Beyonce‘s birthday this year a memorable one by giving her a few gifts to spice up the bedroom with Jigga man.
Last week at Jay-Z and Eminem’s “Home & Home” concert in Detroit, Gaga showed up to Jigga’s dressing room and presented her with a studded whip and matching lingerie set for Bey’s bday.
Bey was apparently over the moon when she received the gift, must have been the items she wanted the most this year!
Wondering what Jay bought his lady? Rumors have been circulating that he bought her a private island (which we totally don’t believe) while others have insisted that he’s been eyeing a super expensive private yacht.
When in the world will the hardest working girl in entertainment have time to chill on a private island or take  trips on a private yacht?